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  • ADR Dangerous package

  • We offer professional services in international transport. We specialize in refrigerated, and dangerous goods. The place of loading and unloading is not a trouble for our team. We enable transport anywhere in the EU, of which Transport to LitwaLithuania and LitwaLativia are the main focus in our service. For more information on the courses and routes taken by our company you will find on the Our routes page.


  • CMA Auto monitoring
  • Our fleet is equipped with a GPS system. As a company, we use the services of CMA AUTOMONITORING, which allows you to locate, fuel control, and 24/7 protection against vehicle theft. Monitoring GPS AUTOMONITORING provides precise information on the position, speed, fuel level and other parameters of the vehicle on the road.


  • We provide round-trip transportation, on-time performance of our services and affordable prices. Before every task we get on with the client on all the details, whether it is in terms of optimization of the fleet, routes and other matters related to the task. We are always available for you at the following numbers:
     Office: (077) 4211-300   or: (077) 4211-400
  • If you have additional questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us using a short Contact Form

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